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Poop Mule

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Product Details

Introducing the Poop Mule. This product is perfect for those walks where poo bins are few and far between or nowhere in sight.

The Poop Mule is a small, lightweight, water resistant bag where you can store away your filled poo bags until you find a bin. The roll top means the size is adjustable and therefore makes it perfect for long or short walks, or walks that involve one or multiple dogs. One size really does fit all.

The roll top also keeps away smells that filled poo bags can develop.

The roll and clip provides a comfortable handle to hold. The small clip also allows you to clip it to yourself, your bag or even your dog so you can be hands free.

You no longer have to walk around holding filled bags, you can close them away in the Poop Mule. Just remember to empty it when you get to a bin!

Product Details:

Capacity 1.5 L
Product Weight (kg) 0.0620
Product Dimension 17.5 x 32.5 cm
Material PVC
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