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At Tails Await HQ we love nothing more than spending our days on lovely walks and adventures. As a responsible dog owner I always ensure that during our walk, no matter where we might be, that I clean up after my dog. However, I realised that most walks, especially the real adventure ones, had very limited, often non-existence bins to dispose of filled poo bags. It meant carrying, sometimes for miles, filled poo bags. I also noticed on our adventures that a lot of dog owners would go to the effort of picking up their dog's mess, but on realising there were no bins available, would dispose of their filled bags on the ground and on trees!


This annoyed me greatly and set me thinking that there must be a solution, some kind of bag that allows you to store away your filled poo bags until you reached a bin...and so, The Poop Mule was born.










The Poop Mule is a waterproof bag that stores away your filled poo bags until you reach a bin. By rolling the top and clipping, it also keeps away the smells. With the handy carabiner, you can also clip the bag to your trousers, jacket or bag or even onto your dog, meaning your hands are free!

The Poop Mule can be purchased at just £9:99 - simply head over to the online shop to purchase yours.  

You can also see a gallery of images of the Poop Mule being used on adventures by us and our lovely customers below.

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Image Gallery

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Image Gallery

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